Trevs Photo Blueprint

Trevs Photo Blueprint

These Photoshop tutorials will take your skills from amateur to pro  

If you enjoy playing around on Photoshop but secretly want to take your skills to the “Next Level” then here’s how to do it easy and cheap.  

You can now get access to dozens pro level Photoshop tutorials for almost nothing.   

And when I say professional I do mean professional.  

Some of the tutorial videos are as long as TWO HOURS and have as many as 89 steps.  

In them, you’ll learn things like how to make facial features pop out with retouching, change the lighting in a photo, make your photo’s look like high impact magazine ads plus much, much more.  

The man behind these tutorials is Patrick Jones, a professional graphic artist, photo editor, colorist (Photo and video) and photographer.  

He’s got some interesting things to say about the photography industry.  

For instance, according to Patrick, you don’t need a $3,000 camera with a $1,500 lens to create professional looking photography.  

In fact, you could use an entry level DSLR camera and the kit lens.  

No, these days being able to expertly edit your photo’s is what makes the real difference.  

And in these tutorials he’s going to show you how to take your ordinary photos and make them look as if they came from a magazine.    

By the time you’re done you will have mastered the art of photo manipulation, compositing and retouching.  

These techniques will give you the ability to turn your photos into digital art.  

And this is important if you want to fully realize your skill and become a great Photoshop artist.  

You see, learning all of the ways you can edit photos and images is like learning the techniques of drawing or painting.  

The greatest artists started off doing charcoal sketches and it’s the same with digital art and photo editing. Improving your technique also allows you to express you creativity in ways you previously would not have been able to.  

The best about these tutorials is that they will show you what you’re truly capable off.  

They’re also a great confidence boost and will leave you with a tremendous sense of achievement. Plus you’ll have a portfolio that you can show off and use to prove to others that you really are a Photoshop expert.    

Get them here for just $29 and start today.   

Your skills will grow enormously with tutorials that show you how to make portraits look as if they’re from a video game, turn day into night and do an extreme makeover in Photoshop.  

You’ll also learn how to make your friends and family look like cartoon caricatures.  

You get all this when you join for just $27.  

For this small fee you get access to over 30 (And growing) high quality Photoshop tutorials.  

Go here to see all tutorials, learn how to paint with your mouse, make a lightbox for pocket change, fantasy characters in Photoshop and much, much more.              


Trevs Photo Blueprint

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